Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Their World

I'm finally realizing what an entirely different world the online community is and how it's inhabitants can make up lives and have characteristics that are completely opposite of their own. I'm not just talking about gender hoaxes just to string along some poor slobs who can't figure it out-like a few years ago with the Kysa Braswell hoax, who actually wrote me several times and sent me "photos" of herself, writing how much of a fan she was of my work. I mentioned to my friends and webmaster back then that something seemed strange about this "girl", and between the photos and e-mails sent to me and her online erotic stories, I picked up on it immediately. There's always something in a persons nature that will trap them, no matter how much they try to fake it.

Now I'm seeing other characteristics online, mainly in forums that people create and moderate. I go to a few girlie forums when I have time, and, as much as I try to only check for images, I always get caught up in the insaneness of the comments. some are funny, but the comments and replies are usually regarding someone's taste in women, which I could care less about. You like what you like, and I'll never fault a guy for what he finds attractive at any given moment. We've all been there. Then the moderator would chime in to referee-"Hey, cut out this dumb talk and get back to posting. Keep it up and I'll ban you" One site I check out has the moderator constantly berating guys for their comments, like an E-Daddy. One guy called him an E-Thug, which is a perfect way of describing these people. This same site even has a rule of not posting nipples.
Yes-a forum catering to pictures of women where nipples are forbidden. But racial slurs and utterly foul usernames and language is the norm. However,break the no nipple rule and the moderator is quick to point out, "Listen, dipshit, I see a part of a nipple on the third photo. This is your one and only warning. Next time you'll be banned!" I guess the idea is to create a world of your own so you can be in control of others that enter it. I guess it's a rush to be tough and in control of people-as long as no one knows who you really are.

I won't get into the whole "reposting" thing, where people actually get ridiculously pissed off if someone posts a photo that they stole-I mean, that they posted first, as though they took the photo themself. I'm always tempted to electronically bitch slap some of these people back to reality. "Hey, Mr. or Miss Poster, you all got the photos from the same place-you stole them off the internet! And a nipple never hurt no one, E-Daddy. Please don't ban me from your family site." But I know getting into it with these people will be a never ending mess. They have more time than I do for that stuff. And why not? It's a world they feel more comfortable in.

Me, I'm not afraid of girls. They're fun to be around. And since today is my birthday, I'm gonna be around a few of them tonight. Here in Spain, any reason is a good one for a fiesta. So, if you'll excuse me, I must prepare for a world where I'm more comfortable.

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