Sunday, September 2, 2007


I knew I would be no good at writing regularly on a computer. And the added nuisance of my present internet connection makes going on the internet even more of an annoyance. For almost the past year I've been leeching off of a neighbor's wireless connection and this has a habit of going out, depending on the weather-or if the person with the wireless decides to shut it off, or leave town. That's what happened over the summer, and from the end of June until about the end of August, I was without internet service, and even now it goes on and off constantly. But, to be honest, this probably would have been the only update since the end of June anyway.

The e-mails have started up again asking when GIRL:The Second Coming, Volume 4 will be out and all I can say is that I wish I had a definitive answer. Doing a graphic novel is no joke and doing one by yourself would make a clown depressed. (No, forget the clown analogy-depression is why they're clowns.) The bottom line is it's a lot of work, and there's only so much I can do in one day, which turns into one week, and so on, until it's time to pay the bills, and rent. The only way to keep up with it all is through commissions and side projects. (A special thanks to the fans that have been requesting commissions. It's kept me going and even inspired.)Another reason is that I don't use computer programs for any of my illustrative work, but I understand why so many good artists do-it gives them time to enjoy life away from the drawing board. I wish I knew what that was like, but my computer skills are nil.

Which brings me to the image I've added, "Bio Girls". One of those little side projects that I may finish. It's a planned portfolio I'd like to offer for sale with about six pieces including this one for the cover. I was planning it for this summer, but maybe this fall I'll have it done. I'll make another post when it's done and how to get it, depending on my wireless connection. And whether or not I strangle this goddamned computer.

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Josh said...

So......Girl: Second Coming Vol. 4 is out when now?

Ha, just kidding. All those questions compounded by the internet woes, you are a saint for keeping this blog updated in any way.

I won't be the last person to say it, but the people who commission work from you know what they're getting, and the quality of the person generating them. If nothing else could be said about you, that would be enough.

Some of us lucky fans know how much of yourself you're putting into this final volume, and can wait a hot second to see how you've adapted your artistic skills to new forms and mediums.

But I have to say, be kind to your computer, it's your only link to the world as it stands, and the world needs to know what's what, even if sporadically. I probably just gave you one more reason to trash the damn thing, but oh well.

Oh, and love the title, or lack thereof. Very creative in a non-conformist sort of way.