Thursday, March 3, 2011

Model by Day review

All these years, and I've never seen this review.

Posted: Sun., Oct. 10, 1993, 11:00pm PT
Fox Night at the Movies Model by Day
((Mon. (11), 8-10 p.m., Fox))
By Roberta Bernstein
A Fox West Pictures presentation of a Lewis B. Chesler/Empath Films Production, in association with Alliance Communications Corp. Exec producers, Lewis B. Chesler, Joseph Loeb III, Matthew Weisman, David M. Perlmutter; producer, Ken Gord; director, Christian Duguay; writers, Loeb, Weisman, based on the comic book by Kevin J. Taylor.
Cast: Famke Janssen, Shannon Tweed, Sean Young, Stephen Shellen, Clark Johnson, Traci Lind, Von Flores, Kim Coates, Nigel Bennett, Louis de Banco.Model by Day" is an above-average, easy on the eyes made-for t.v. movie. While the plot is the usual vacuous tripe, the production's interesting camera work, mood lighting, New Age music and quick edits make it more "Twin Peaks" than "Charlie's Angels." And, unlike many other standard beauty bonanzas, the script has its moments, too.
The comic book-style adventure centers around Lex (Famke Janssen), a successful fashion model who is also a martial arts expert.
When her roommate is attacked and hospitalized, Lex dons a mask and a skimpy crime-fighting outfit and sets out into the night.
After she meets with success and is dubbed the mysterious Lady X, another woman decides to imitate her -- down to that skimpy outfit -- and also fight New York's unruly night crowd.
Unfortunately, the impostor's not opposed to murder.
There are some fresh, even funny, moments, such as when Lex limps around sore after her first big night out as a heroine, and a parody of "Basic Instinct's" no-underwear scene.
Also, while Lex and the police lieutenant on the case (Stephen Shellen) are falling in love, they're seriously out of practice in the art.
But it's the world of modeling -- and its emphasis on beauty and shape -- that's the star of the show.
There are plenty of models in lingerie, close-ups of breasts and butts, and a constant parade of designer fashions.
Fox, at least, gets credit for trying.
Camera, David Franco; editor, Patrick Lussier; production manager, Dennis Chapman; production designers, Linda Del Rosario, Carmi Gallo; co-production designer/set decorator, Richard Paris; costume designer, Eva Gord; fashion coordinator, Rommie David, Dovie Mamikunian; key makeup, MarySue Heron; hairstylist, Lucy Orton; stunt coordinator, Steven Lucescu.

Besides "vacuous tripe" that's not a bad review. Now I have to find a copy on dvd and have a Model By day screening.