Monday, May 4, 2009

Blast from the Past

I recently got back in touch with someone. A girl.

A girl I have not seen in over 20 years.

And I only use the term "girl" because she looks exactly how she did when I last saw her.

No-she actually looks better, and that's something I knew back then: that she would be one of those girls that would always look like she did.

I don't want to write her name just yet. We've only been reconnected as of April 24th, just over a week ago, and I just don't want to put that out there and jinx it. I've been flying high ever since and don't see myself coming down for a long time. I'd been looking for her all this time and she literally just popped back into my life, and now continues to drive me insane with her looks and charm and teasing. Damn, that's fun.

She's that girl that could always make me do anything she asked of me, because she knew how to make me weak when I wanted her, but made me strong when I needed her.

If anyone ever wondered where the Taylor Girl came from, it's her. And I won't post any photos of her. Probably not for a while-if she lets me. No way will I do that without her knowing and her consent. I'm not gonna risk losing her again. It's such a wonderful feeling being back in touch with her that I want to share it with everyone-but not just yet. I just want to keep her to myself for a while. And I'm sure many people know exactly what I mean.

When my heart-and everything else-comes down for a rest, maybe I'll put an update about it.

Then again, maybe not. I'm just taking it slow right now to study all the new feelings I'm being bombarded with because of her.

Some people get lucky with finding the person of their dreams.

I got lucky twice.