Sunday, December 18, 2016

GIRL-Road Trip

This book collects the ROAD TRIP pages that were published in various issues of Sizzle magazine by NBM Publishing. It includes JILL'S EURO TRIP and the unpublished EVERYTHING'S ANJEE.

This also marks my first straight to ebook book-no printed copies-which is what's happening with NBM's entire adult line, with the exception of Sizzle magazine.

Across the board in the comics industry, I've learned that all adult books are now only available through online orders. In every comic book shop I've been to in the last few years, there are no longer adult sections. This isn't only to protect the parents' little bastards from being exposed to them because, as we all know "comics are just for kids"-I'm sure it's also because, like the grown ass men who buy my books from me at comic cons and quickly shove them into a newspaper they just happen to have, these guys don't want to be embarrassed by others judging them on their spank material. I hate to say it, but this is really a "man thing".

That's why I adore my female fans. They get it. It's just like seeing women together in a sex shop. They know why they're there, and so do I-they're looking for ways to get off. And they're loud about it! Meanwhile, the guys are hunched over in trench coats hoping no one recognizes them. Women don't mind admitting it. It could be why the hottest sex vids are women alone spanking it. As far as I know there isn't even a market for vids of guys spanking it-not that I've looked for it. Besides, who wants to see that?

It's too bad that the comics industry has come to this. Personally, I've always liked going into comic book shops in whatever country I was in and seeing a rich variety of books. And I hate ordering anything online because I don't trust any "secure purchase" and don't want my credit card number floating around the internet. Now, thanks to the Disneyfying of America and the hostile Hollwood takeover of comic book conventions, all of our entertainment is focused on the shit asses of society, the paste eaters and bed wetters. Yes-"the kiddies".

Maybe it's for the best. I just realized if these little bastards learned about sex from my books then they'd be depressed at having so much to live up to (which is a complaint I've been getting from guys for years.) At the same time, they'll probably be exposed to the badly drawn sex comics and lose interest. Well, I can't control any of that. I like what I can do and I'll enjoy doing more of it and getting better at it because people seem to like it. And I've always gotten great personal stories from women after they've read-yes "read"-some of my books. Yeah, I'm gonna keep doing these books for a little while longer, in e-books and print.

Just call me "Spanky".