Friday, December 21, 2012

time for some new stuff

In the post GIRL world, I'll be posting my first short story on my newly reconstructed website. "Everything's Anjee" will be the first of a series of stories I'm doing especially for the site, some short, some a little longer. And as soon as the site is ready, I'll begin posting pages.

It's gonna be some good stuff.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Once again, I have to apologize to members of my website which hasn't been updated in a while. My webmaster has been in the process of redesigning the site and I didn't know it would take so long. I'm not a computer person so I don'tknow what's involved, but once it's all done, the updates will begin in ernest.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Multiple Milestones

I'm back in New York today, where I wanted to be when I had my 50th birthday. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with having a birthday outside the country, but this is one of those "surprise" birthdays, as in "I'm surprised I made it this far". I just couldn't see accomplishing a milestone like this without being with my family, and being in New York City where I was born and raised. And, personally, I think the Internal Revenue Service should give some serious tax breaks to people who have made it this far, in life and in this country, with several marbles still intact.

Milestone number two was the official hand-off of the original art for the final volume of GIRL: The Second Coming to NBM Publishing. I told publisher Terry Nantier that for the last five years, I've dreamt of that moment. Most men dream of doing daring heroics or sleeping with supermodels. Me, I literally dreamt of the day I would finally be finished with the art for GIRL and be in the NBM offices (the new offices being quite spacious and swank) and placing it into the hands of Terry. I always knew I would never be able to mail it and sleep soundly with all the work I put into it. I've been working on the book since 2005 and, once I went to Spain in 2006, I always knew I would have to hand deliver it, no matter what. And, as my trip back to the states grew closer, I thought it would be fitting to deliver this monumental work on my birthday.

This last GIRL book has been such a big part of my life for for almost the last eight years, when I finally finished, it took me several days before I could do anything else. When I sat at my drawing board, I had no idea what I should be doing. I guess you could say I had gotten out of an eight year relationship and had a little trouble moving on.

The delivery worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, I also learned the state of adult comics here in the states lately. Apparently, I've been severely out of touch with the comics industry over the last few years because it seems that adult comics are suffering thanks to the internet. And I'm probably the last artist that has to deliver actual artwork on real art boards done with real paints. It looks like I'll finally have to get with the digital age.

The final milestone is, today also marks the second anniversary of my website. In case any members were wondering, the site has been undergoing some changes and the updates are kind of slow. The webmaster was planning to hand over the updating duties to me, but things have been moving rather slowly because he has an entire network to oversee. For those who have joined the site, I sincerely apologize for the tardiness of the updates, but when the work is done, the site should be a lot better, and with a few new features. (I'm hoping.)

All in all, it's been a full day, and the night is just starting, so I think I'll go and start on a few future milestones and I'll see you in another fifty years. Hopefully, the website will be updated by then and I'll have finished the next four GIRL books. That would REALLY be one of those "surprise" birthdays.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 let it be DONE

Yes, I can finally say the fourth volume to GIRL: The Second Coming is finally done. The only thing left to do is get it into the offices of NBM and let them get it out to the frothing public. (That is, if they're still interested.)

Now, I can work on other things,like having my website updated more frequently and working on new pieces, not to mention several stories i have planned especially for the site. It's good stuff.

The book may have gotten finished a few days after my due date of September, but at least it's done before the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Then I would really be pissed.

Soon, you can hang around the NBM site to find out when the book will be scheduled, along with all the other great books and artists they have. As for me, I'm going to take a well deserved nap. Then I'll wake up and get some sleep.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting There...

I meant to be able to update this blog a lot more than I have been, but silly things, like life, sort of get in the way.

Not one to make excuses, I just get behind sometimes and need to take care of things. On the plus side I'll be spending the rest of the summer painting the last ten pages of the final GIRL book.

You might be asking yourself "It's just the beginning of July. Two months for ten pages?" Like I mentioned,I'm not one to make excuses, but I have things that need taken care of also. And when you see the final pages, you'll understand. In any event, by September I hope to have this book ready for the printers.

I'm almost there, so keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The founder of KISS comix

Last week the publisher of Spain's KISS Comix, Jose Maria Berenguer, died. It seems that lately most of my updates are about the deaths of people who were important to me and I feel it's necessary for me to write about it. But I seriously hope this is the last death entry for a very long time.

Last August I wrote about the end of KISS Comix with an interview with Sr. Berenguer where he mentioned a lot of the artists who have contributed to the magazine and failed to mention me. Now, I have to own up to the fact that I was a little peeved at that and I even thought about just deleting the post so I wouldn't seem petty about the oversight, but I decided to leave it. We're all slaves to our emotions sometimes, so I'm sure you all understand.

Like every artist/publisher relationship since the dawn of time, we had our differences. I mentioned at the top about people who were important to me and he was. He started the first Spanish erotic anthology magazine and invited me on board just as the first GIRL series was wrapping up. It's too bad that both of La Cupula's magazines, EL VIBORA and KISS Comix, had to end, but apparently Sr. Berenguer had been battling cancer and I guess he couldn't keep them going. But 20 years is a pretty good run for a magazine. The cover above was my first and it was the second issue.

Sr. Berenguer was a good man and we had some great times. Like I mentioned, we had our differences, but I never lost my respect for him.

Fins despres, cavaller!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Return of Francesca

Yes, I am still working on the final installment of the series GIRL: The Second Coming. and one of the main plot points is Jaleira returning to Silo City and the FANG universe.

My first color series, the three issue FANG comics introduced Francesca, a young woman searching for her mother in a weird city populated by werewolves and vampires. She, as you might expect, has one hell of an adventure. In the third issue Jaleira makes a cameo appearance to help guide Fran. So I decided to have Francesca return the favor, but I wanted to make her a more integral part of the story.

For the first two issues of FANG I didn't even have a name for her. I didn't want to use a common name found in comic books then-not Jane or Donna or nothing too mainstream. After finishing the second issue, I went to Rome and met a gorgeous italian girl named Francesca. I didn't think of using that name for my character then, but a month after that trip, I was home and caught a late night television airing of "The Mad Monster Party" which is, in my opinion, probably the greatest stop motion animated film ever made with characters designed by the great Jack Davis. (If you've never seen it, find it.)

The "damsel in distress" in the film was named Francesca and that's when I thought about it. I had gotten into the third issue by then and tried to think of any existing comic book characters named Francesca and couldn't think of any. I haven't kept up with comics lately, so there may be some now, but at the time I was doing Fang, I couldn't find any. It's a great name, so I decided to use it as a name for a total amazonian bad ass.

And as you can see in the painting, you probably don't wanna piss her off.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moebius- One of my Greatest Heroes Falls

There's no need for me to write anything more about this great man than I've already written on this blog almost four years ago. You can read my Moebius story below.

However, I will write a heartfelt "So long. And thanks for all the inspiration."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GIRL-New York and Silo City

The next GIRL volume takes place in two different worlds, GIRL's New York City and Silo City from my FANG series. Jaleira had a cameo in the FANG series, so for the last volume of The Second Coming she returns to Silo City where Francesca has a prominent role. With the appearance of Fran, this will mark the one series that all of my major characters have appeared in. I'll post a page with Fran sometime later.

The other point of this volume is that I decided to paint it with two different techniques-one for the New York scenes and another for the Silo City scenes. Since they're two different dimensions, I wanted them to look different. In the pages above you'll see how it looks, the left page being N.Y. and the right Silo City. New York is mainly watercolor while Silo City is markers and more airbrush and also a little darker.

For years I've wanted to do one book with multiple techniques ever since I saw the series ZORA by Fernando Fernandez in Heavy Metal Magazine. Although Fernandez used multiple techniques I decided to stick with two-two worlds, two techniques. Besides, this book has taken me long enough as it is.

So, for those who thought I've stopped doing comics, and even to those few that thought I was dead-yes, I actually read comments on forums and on my Deviant Art page that some thought I was dead-I'm hard at work on the last GIRL book and I'm hoping it will be greeted warmly..okay, hotly. With a passion! So, I hope you all have just a little more patience. Once this volume is done, I plan to take GIRL into a different direction.

And you're gonna have to wait to hear about that.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

GIRL-The Second Coming -Kevin J. Taylor

There are lots of ways to enjoy a lollipop.

I've been reading on a few forums that lots of people think I've stopped drawing and doing comics. Someone even sent me a message when they found my page on Deviant Art and wrote they thought I was dead. One day, sure, but I'm still working on the final GIRL book. Unfortunately, little things get in the way, like having to do other things to earn a living. The crappy economy over the last few years has spared no one.

I'm much further along with the book than the above page, which is page 18. I recently posted another page on my facebook page which shows the painting process. I'm hoping to have this book done soon so I can go on to other projects. There's still a lot to be done.

I ain't dead yet.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She can do WHAT?

It's incredible how some people latch onto a trend or a phrase without thinking about how stupid it is. Sort of like women who shave their eyebrows, then draw them back on. That wasn't a good idea in the 1930's and it still isn't.

The phrase I keep hearing has been around for a few years now, and it's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. "She can suck a golf ball through a garden hose". Now, I'm sure a guy made this up and I'm assuming it's meant to describe a girl's passion for fellatio-okay, cock sucking. And I'm also assuming it's meant to turn a guy on, because, sadly, I've heard women say this about themselves, without even thinking about how stupid it is. But that's how trends are.

When I hear this phrase, am I supposed to image my dingus as the garden hose? And am I then supposed to imagine my testicles being sucked through my dick? And then what: the girl leaves and I'm left sitting there with my balls hanging out of the head of my dick? What the fuck good is that? It's a phrase that should strike a man with fear and keep him from any girl with that kind of reputation. I guess if you want it to sound a little less painful, maybe it should be "She can suck a golf ball through a garden hose, then blow it back through." Actually, it sounds painful both ways. What's also screwed up is that I know there are guys who would pay for that. Like those idiots who pay women to kick them in the balls. Sick bastards. They should know that a guy doesn't have to pay a woman for that.

"She can lick the chrome off the side of a trailer." Again, the girl leaves and I'm supposed to be left laying there with a skinless dick? Oh, yeah, I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. That's the kind of thing that happens if you get syphillis-skin just falls off your jammy. Some trends are good-like eating regularly and drinking lots of water. But most of them are just stupid and if a girl ever said either of those phrases to me, I'm heading for the hills. We should keep certain phrases alive, the ones that makes sense. Like a phrase from the great Yogi Berra who said "You can observe a lot just by watching". Pure genius.

Last one: "It's always in the last place you look". Uh, why would you keep looking after you've found it? DERRR!

Happy New Year, folks. Let's spend this year thinking of smart things to say.