Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sincere form of Flattery or..?

I wasn't planning on posting again so soon, but I wanted to get this done.
At least 4 or 5 times a year over the last three years-maybe longer-I've gotten e-mails asking if I knew about this guy John Persons. I just didn't pay attention until about two years ago when I checked out this dude's site and, whatta you know, I recognized just about every drawing he did was from one of my books-at least all the ones in the preview section. I let it go as just inspiring another artist and didn't expect to hear anymore about it. Every artist has learned from other artists by copying them.
Now, here it is two years later and I'm still being asked about this guy. I didn't expect him to still have a site up, but I checked it out today and there it is. I'll never knock another artist for learning from others this way. I've had my Gil Kane and Barry Smith moments (tits and ass, Corben and Frazetta) but I eventually broke away from that and developed my own thang. And I'm hoping that's what Mr. Persons will be able to do. It takes a while, I know, so I'm trying not to be too paranoid about someone doing better with my work than I am. And it's not something to get riled up about: if he were simply printing my books online then I'd just sic my publisher on him. My biggest complaint with him is his decision to re-draw the male characters as Tarzan stereotypes with Jane of the jungle. And that dialogue! I'm sure somewhere in that site is the phrase "Feets, do yo' stuff!"
Go check him out at and see for yourself. I'm not worried about giving him exposure because from the looks of it, he'll have to wait for me to do more work to continue. Oh, damn...Body Heat 2 just hit the stores. I guess that'll keep him going for a while. Does anyone think I deserve a lifetime membership?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Can't Please Everyone

I found this recently:

JILL: Part Time Lover

By Kevin J. Taylor

Rating (2 out of 5 stars)

While I respect every artist and artwork , Kevins style does not appeal to me and his art suffers from several anatomical errors as well as unattractive girls . Yet I notice he becomes better with every new book and becomes more and more popular so it is also a matter of taste

That's cool."The eye of the Beholder", as the saying goes. I can respect anyone's opinion-especially when they have their own work on display at their site. Then again, once you've gotten into the grind of painting 8 or 9 panels a page of several 48 page books, you understand what it takes out of you to do this kind of work when it's not just for fun, but earning a living with it.

Check out this guys site. I'm sure he's helped many a wary consumer weed out the crap.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

In and Out the Pokey

Just hours before her release, Paris Hilton was heard screaming "Who do I have to blow to get outta this joint?!"
And to think, she turned herself in early just for the cavity search.

I wish I had a rich daddy.