Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sugar Unsweet

Wednesday November 28 started out a normal enough day.
But early in the afternoon until well after midnight I knew how it felt to be dying.

Shortness of breath all day which turned into barely breathing had me crawling around my hallway knocking on doors at 2 in the morning and finally waking up in the hospital emerency room strapped to a bed. I don't really remember much, except some of the hallway crawling because I blacked out soon after. But the reason for being strapped to a bed was because apparently I put up a tough fight with the ambulance medics and some of the emergency room staff. And perhaps having a catheter inserted had a lot to do with it.

Once I was brought back to consciousness and was semi normal, a doctor told me that a sudden surge in my blood sugar took my breath away and knocked me out putting me into sort of a diabetic coma which is why I was so violent. And I could've died that night. Yep, I got diabetes.

All this time I've been walking around with diabetes and never knew. I guess it pays to have regular check ups. So, after a week and a half in the hospital I was released on Friday, December 7 and I'm now a card carrying. insulin injecting part of the diabetic public.

I would like to write more, but I'm exhausted. My doctor friend says it's normal and keeps telling me that I simply don't realize how sick I was and still am. So, I'm gonna sign off now before she reads this and sees how much I haven't been resting.

Until next time.


Josh said...

Holy shit! Holy fucking shit that's horrendous! I know how terrible getting help can be in the states when there's an emergency, but overseas in a whole other language....god man you are lucky to be alive, and I'm thankful you are.

After reading the first few sentences I thought you had suffered from a nervous breakdown, and with your workload that's understandable, but a diabetic coma. Fuck!

I've had a catheter down there, and I'd rather die than have it happen again, so thank goodness you don't remember that part. I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully yours is the type that can be controlled with proper eating and insulin vice the other severe form.

Wow Kevin! You definitely need to take it easy, fuck that was a terrifying read, and an even more terrifying scenario to consider. Glad you are still among us.


Bob said...

KEV! Bob's dad had diabetes and it contributed to his early passing at 35 when I was 2. You are one lucky man and we're blessed that you're still around. Rest up and take care.

Kim and Bob

Andy Lupine said...

So many with this disease. I hope for your speedy recovery. Best wishes,


Fu said...

Hope we can hear soon that you're doing better, Kevin. Just thinkin' about it sends shivers down my spine.


Charlie Owens said...


You listen to me: As much as we all love your work, if your options become stop drawing or die, we will all find a way to cope with you having to hang up your brush.

Regular checkups, ease up on the sugar, and don't forget your shots.

Stay healthy

-kev. said...

thanks, all. it hasn't been easy.