Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lettering, old skool

I'm probably still the only artist to do lettering like this. Usually, the lettering isn't part of the artwork and is done seperately to keep the art clean. For me, I sometimes like the lettering to be part of the art. When i visualise the image, sometimes I can't see it without the lettering and it makes sense to combine the two to make one piece. And I actually enjoy doing hand lettering like this. I hand lettered the cover titles to just about all of my books. It's the interior lettering for the dialogue and text that's a major pain.



Matteo said...

Is all the lettering (inside the books) yours as well?

Thats pretty cool, it looks really organic to the graphics, now I guess I know the reason. :)

-kev. said...

the lettering to all of my books, besides the color FANG series and GIRL: The Second Coming was hand lettered by me. (although, with the first volume of Second Coming, i used my computer to do the lettering. the next 2 volumes were lettered by someone else, much better than i could do.)

Unknown said...

I rather liked the organic feel of your hand lettering. It was somehow more personal feeling to see words squeezed to fit, etc. :)