Friday, April 1, 2011


The piece above is one of a series of commissions I did some years ago of stars from girlie mags. This is of Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie who busted-pun intended-onto the scene while still a teenager in England.

I've done quite a few commissions over the years, lots of portraits and some hardcore stuff, and I was hoping to have them published. But to do that, it looks like I'll have to return to self publishing. I always liked self publishing-it's a lot of work, but I can still do it. A lot of things have changed in the publishing world since my last time and I'll have to find out the best way to go about it. It won't be soon, but I'll look into it.

In the meantime, I'll post some of the many unseen pieces on my new website. So drop by and see what's doin'.


Funbird said...

Yowza. Nice piece Kevin.

Joshua said...

I've been told that getting self-published is pretty cheap when done through Korean or Japanese publishers... but I've never tried for myself.

On an other note, here's a link that might interest you:
"The Submission Guidelines for every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe"