Thursday, February 24, 2011

JILL-Po Godzinach

So far, my works have been printed in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swiss (in Penthouse Comics, without permission and which I don't think I was ever paid for) and of course english. Now, it seems the Polish have taken a liking to Jill-Part Time Lover. And why wouldn't they?

So, if you can find a copy, you might learn a little polish pillow talk-or shouts, groans and grunts-to impress your partner during your next bed wrestling encounter.


Jay said...

did you ever file a lawsuit?

-kev. said...

this was some years ago and i'm sure NBM has by now paid me the royalties from the swiss issues. but i'm not the only artist the swiss swiped work from.that's just bad business.