Friday, January 1, 2010

2010.I made it.

I'm always looking forward to a year better than the last.

Happy New Year.


Andy Lupine said...

Congratulations on a new year! I see you've already started up again with girl in sizzle. How many parts do you have planned for the last section of Second Coming?

-kev. said...

the final book will be serialized in sizzle. how many parts it will take is still being worked on.

Matteo said...

Can't believe... Am i actually speaking to Kevin Taylor? O_o
Love ur art, man, really... Hope to find something more interesting to say, the next time. :D


Matteo said...

Cant believe it... Am I actually speaking with Kevin Taylor? O_o

I really love ur art, man, and... Yeah, I hope to find something less stupid to say, next time. :D

-kev. said...

thanks, Matteo.
i need all the support i can get.