Monday, June 18, 2007

Can't Please Everyone

I found this recently:

JILL: Part Time Lover

By Kevin J. Taylor

Rating (2 out of 5 stars)

While I respect every artist and artwork , Kevins style does not appeal to me and his art suffers from several anatomical errors as well as unattractive girls . Yet I notice he becomes better with every new book and becomes more and more popular so it is also a matter of taste

That's cool."The eye of the Beholder", as the saying goes. I can respect anyone's opinion-especially when they have their own work on display at their site. Then again, once you've gotten into the grind of painting 8 or 9 panels a page of several 48 page books, you understand what it takes out of you to do this kind of work when it's not just for fun, but earning a living with it.

Check out this guys site. I'm sure he's helped many a wary consumer weed out the crap.


Josh said...

Read this on the same site for Baldazzini's "Casa Howard":

"This very nicely drawn comic tells the tale of many young and attractive ladies , the problem is that everyone of them have a little something extra , which makes them less attractive and more .. well .. gentlemen.

Yep , its a shemale comic book , and that's an understatement . Almost every female figure in it is a shemale ( awkward phrase I know but so are those ladies ) , each page is loaded with ladies with dicks pop out from surprising places where they shouldn't be , or at least shouldn't be in the outward direction .

Why , it was hard even finding this one page where you don't see a shemale sex all over , and make no mistake , these are all shemales ladies here. Shemale lovers should ignore the low rating its just a matter of taste."

This ignorant fuck prefers Baldazzini's stick figure she-males to your full figured beauties. There's just no accounting for taste, or vision or any of the sensory functions with this guy.

He also gives Justin Norman high praise for his black and white artwork, but the figures depicted bare a striking resemblance to a certain set of bountiful Taylor girls.

My opinion's skewed on the subject, I think every medium you grace is worthy of praise, I just wish I could find a site where your art is rationally discussed without people putting all their own issues and hangups into the topic.

It's a fucking drawing people, it doesn't have to mean any more than what you want it to mean, and dissin the artist won't make your insecurities go away.

I'll make sure not to send you the link for the feminist college girl who reviewed your FANG and Girl series. Her only bit of praise was about Francesca's sword.

Josh said...

I thought about this after posting the reply. How it was kinda silly for me to be knocking an artist in a thread about not knocking artists cause of the hard work and pain that can accompany the creative process. My goal was to show the duplicity of the guys reviews, especially since he wrote the exact same thing for all of your books without regards to content, while writing these extensive diatribes about books that lack the same quality and solid realistic foundation

I don't know much about Justin Norman, but I've seen previews of his work. I find it funny that the girls he draws have a pretty similar physical composition to your own ladies, and most of them are non-white characters. They have more "cartoony" characteristics than yours, with upturned noses and rounded faces, but the guy reviewing them thinks they're easier on the eyes than Girl or Jessie or Jill or Marty? It's obvious it's not your girls this guy has a problem with, but if he can get past trans-gender hookers who look like they were drawn with paint rollers he can get past his "little" insecurities about your work.

GM said...

I've been a fan of Kevin's work since 1991/2.
I think the older material was better than what he is working on now.
Back then Girl was just well.....Girl. She had no name, her race was ambiguous, we didn't know about her mother and she wasn't a mega millionaire.
the way Kevin illustrated her physique back then was far more attractive than today's Girl. Now she has smaller boobs, a lengthened torso, and her face isn't as attractive as before. I know artists work does change and evolve but with a character like Girl it would be far better to have consistency.
As for Blue he is just fine the way he is but it would've been better to have him be the biggest cocksman out there. I know there was an issue of Sizzle where he introduces another character named Guy who has a bigger dick than him. what I'm trying to say is that Blue and Girl should be the biggest and best out there physically and sexually. But hey it's just a graphic novel so I won't get carried away.

Fu said...

Definitely an issue with sexuality in this country. I think it's just the generally prudish and insecure Americans who have a hard time opening up to Kevin's work.

Baldazzini gets a pass because of his "artsy" style. It's like a having an expensive price tag on a bottle of wine... people are trained to assume they're supposed to like it, at least publically.


bcboy2469 said...

BTW... just when will volume 4 be completed? I am dieing to know lol

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